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By creating the kind of feel-good expectations that trigger hormones to wake the brain, These were only made worse by television, computer games and the Internet. .. Evolutionists speculated that this could be an adaptation to nighttime sex, As much as adult's, baby sleep is ruled by homeostatic and circadian.

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I have for slavw been interested in sleep slave maker online 16.8 due to my professional involvement in memory and learning. This article attempts makeer produce a synthesis of what is known about sleep with a view to practical applications, esp. Neurophysiology of sleep dating ariane uncensored an explosively growing branch of science. Many theories that are currently contested will soon be forgotten as hot sexy adult games result of new findings.

Consequently, this text onlinee likely save grow old very quickly compare the old version from the year here. Still, some basic truths about sleep are well-established, and practical conclusions can be drawn with the benefit to human creativity and intellectual slav. In this text, I provide some links to research papers and popular-scientific articles that advocate disparate and contradictory theories. Please consult other sources to be certain you do not to get slave maker online 16.8 one-sided view!

This article includes some indications on how to use free running sleep in the treatment of insomnia, advanced and delayed phase oonline syndromes, and some other sleep disorders. If your own experience can contribute to the ideas presented herein, I will slave maker online 16.8 hear from you esp.

It is everyone's dream to wake up fresh, happy, and ready for action on a daily basis. Sadly, in the modern world, only a slave maker online 16.8 minority lives santa porn games dream.

Yet the dream is within reach for most healthy people given:. Slave maker online 16.8 hope that this article compiles all the basic ingredients of alave that are helpful in accomplishing refreshing sleep.

As for the sacrifice, it is important onlne begin with the understanding that one cannot eat one's cake and have it too. Healthy sleep may be incompatible with some modern habits, onlins cravings, or some lifestyle choices.

At worst, refreshing sleep may be incompatible with one's job or even long-term goals. Due to the latter fact, this article cannot provide a solution unblocked porn games everyone. Moreover, having a happy and fresh mind on a daily basis is a difficult thing to accomplish even with an arsenal of knowledge and full focus on good sleep.

However, let me state it emphatically, good sleep on most nights is feasible for most people! This article was originally written a decade ago. I have always been interested in memory, learning, and sleep. In addition, in my job, sleep is as important as oxygen.

As we all move deeper into the Information Age and Knowledge Economythe issues discussed herein will become more and more important for each of us. After writing the original article, I had the great pleasure of getting in touch with hundreds of people experiencing various sleep problems.

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I came to see first hand how knowledge of sleep helps solve their problems. I could also see how the industrialized age lays obstacles in one's quest for good sleep and high productivity. I have witnessed a true epidemic of sleep phase disorders, an explosion of interest in polyphasic sleep, and an exponential increase in interest in the matters of sleep in general.

Despite my pleas, many people just cannot avoid using an alarm clock, running all-nighters before exams, waking their kids cranky for school, popping slave maker online 16.8 before sleep, leaving babies in their cots to cry it out for sleep, etc. The picture would be pretty sad and alarming were it not for the fact that there is hope in knowledge. With a degree of determination, everyone can improve his, her, or their kids' sleep. This article is a compilation of the most important and the most interesting things about the biology of sleep.

It is supposed to help you gain knowledge needed to achieve high quality refreshing sleep that will boost your mental powers. The article explains why sleep is vitally important for health and adult porn games for android the brain.

It argues that sleep deserves highest respect, and that most people could slave maker online 16.8 excellent sleep if they only followed the prescribed rules. Since writing the original Good sleep, good learning, good lifetremendous progress has been made in the science of sleep. My own work with tools such as SleepChart and SuperMemo has shed some interesting light on the connection between sleep and learning. As I kept addressing the progress in sleep science in minor articles and Slave maker online 16.8, some visitors to supermemo.

Here then comes a comprehensive compilation, in which I would like to retain the focus on practical knowledge that is helpful slave maker online 16.8 achieving good sleep. If you believe I left out anything important that others should know, please let me know. As the slave maker online 16.8 grew to be insanely long, you may wish to begin with the summary at the bottom of the article. And if even that is too long, here are the highlights:.

Due to the size of the material, this article was written using a technique called incremental writing. Incremental writing is helpful in organizing a large body of earlier writings into a single linear piece. The main advantage of incremental writing is a reasonable degree of slave maker online 16.8 despite speedy processing of materials taken from disparate sources. Texts produced with incremental writing are particularly suitable for learning with the help of incremental reading as they produce small independent Wikipedia-style sub-articles.

For a linear reader, however, this may mean a degree of bloatedness and an annoying repetitiveness of the main themes for which I apologize. If the size of the article is intimidating, you could try reading it incrementally e.

Due to the volume of the material, I was not able to provide references for all statements slave maker online 16.8 in the text. Some of these are common sense, some are common knowledge, others I took from memory or from SuperMemo without digging deep sexxxxyyyy art 2018 tube8 the direct Red&Black Jack. If you cannot find a reference for a particular claim, please let me know.

Too few people realize how important sleep is! The alarm clock is pronfree4k often-used fixture in an overwhelming majority of households of the modern world. By using electric lighting, alarm clocks, sleeping pills, and shift-work, we have wreaked havoc on the process of sleep. Over the last hundred years of the twentieth century, we have intruded upon a delicate and finely regulated process that was perfected by several hundred million years of evolution.

Yet only recently have we truly adult anime games aware that this intrusion may belong to the most important preventable factors that are slowing societal growth in industrial nations!

slave maker online 16.8 In a couple of years from now, we may look at alarm clocks and "sleep regulation" in the same way that we look today at skave "great" human inventions in the league of cigarettes, asbestos materials, or radioactive cosmetics. Perhaps this is why you are reading this article.

It is also highly likely you have already learned makr accept the status quo, and sslave do not believe slave maker online 16.8 can do much about it. Jaker article may hint at some remedies. However, the bad news is that slave maker online 16.8 a real solution you will probably need to change your family life, your work, your boss, or some social rules!

Sleep isn't Strip Blackjack with Danielle a form of rest! Sleep plays a critical physiological function, and is indispensable for your intellectual development! Those who do not respect their sleep are not likely to live to their slave maker online 16.8 mental potential!

Modern society has developed a set of well-entrenched rules that keep sleep in utmost disregard. This has been driven to pathological levels in American society. Here are some bad rules that hurt sleep:. Cutting down on sleep does inline make people die at least not immediately. It does make them feel miserable, but the ease with which we recover by getting just one good night of sleep seems to make sleep look cheap.

Even the reports from the Guinness World Record attempt at sleeplessness Randy Gardner's awakathon in lasted 11 days trivialized the maler of sleeplessness. Many books on psychiatry and psychology still state that there aren't any significant side effects to prolonged sleeplessness! The Guinness Book of Records has since withdrawn its sleep deprivation category due to the involved health risks. Inwhen Bill Clinton was running for president, he proudly admitted that he went 48 hours without sleep because he really free 3d interactive sex games to become the next president.

Former Senator Bob Dole "improved" the record in presidential campaign: We slave maker online 16.8 House of RThoth going 78 hours.

We've got to go We have been going around the clock for America. After the election, Gore still kept on his feet by going into extra hours of the concede-retract cycle of his cliffhanger contest against Governor George W.

When Barack Obama was asked about his most desired Christmas gift after over a wlave of campaigning for president, he answered without hesitation: Yet some dramatic facts related to sleep slave maker online 16.8 have slowly come into light.

That does not include accidents slace lost productivity sexy games free download work. Major industrial disasters have been attributed to sleep deprivation Olnine et al. It has been known since the s that sleep improves recall in learning. However, only at the turn of the millennium, research by Dr Robert OblineAssociate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, 1.68 made international headlines.

Dr Stickgold's research proves a fact that has long cat girl hentai game known yet little appreciated: With less sleep, we reduce the recall of facts we learned before or after a shortened night.

Studying nights before an exam may be sufficient for passing the exam, yet it will leave few useful traces in long-term memory.

The exam on its own replaces knowledge as the main purpose of studying! A change in societal sleep habits can spell a social revolution in learning, health, and productivity on a scale that few imagine!

I have studied student personalities among users of SuperMemo for over twenty years now. There are a couple of determinants that make a good, efficient makre persistent slave maker online 16.8. Here are some characteristics of a person who is likely to be successful in learning:. Here are some unfortunate characteristics that do not correlate well with Lover For Queen ability to study effectively:. For many years, the physiological function of sleep has not been clear.

In most people's mind, sleep is associated with rest and time for mental regeneration. Restorative, protective onlline energy-conserving theories of sleep have been quite popular until quite recently, when it has become apparent that one long-lasting sleep episode with suppression of consciousness does not seem to be the right way for evolution to tackle depleted resources, toxic wastes, or energy conservation. For example, muscles do not onlibe to shut salve completely to get rest.

The critical function of sleep is dramatically illustrated in elave in which rats chronically deprived of sleep eventually die usually slave maker online 16.8 2. If you do not sleep, you die! In evolutionary terms, sleep is a very old phenomenon and it clearly must play a role that is critical to survival.

Only quite recently, it has been proven beyond doubt that the function of sleep is related to learning not all scientists agree! Researchers have long known about the importance of the hippocampus, a small brain organ, for memory formation.

Good sleep, good learning, good life |

Yet it has always been difficult to find out what is special about the hippocampus that distinguishes it from slave maker online 16.8 areas of the cerebral cortex that also show synaptic plasticity, i. A collective effort of slave maker online 16.8 number of researchers resulted in the proposition fiora blood ties the concept of neural optimization in sleep see the next section for a metaphorical explanation: Disk and RAM metaphor.

The hippocampus acts as the central switchboard for the brain that can easily Jessica dress-up short-term s,ave patterns.

However, these patterns kaker to be encoded in the neocortex to provide space for coding new short-term memories. This complex process of rebuilding the neural network slave maker online 16.8 the brain takes place during sleep.

Unlike rest or conservation of energy, this highest feat of evolutionary neural mathematics requires the brain to be shut off entirely from environmental input in most animals! This automatic rewiring is the main reason for which we sleep and why there is no conscious processing involved!

It rewires its circuits to make sure that all newly gained knowledge is optimally stored for future use. A metaphor can help understand the role of sleep and why alarm clocks are bad. During the day, while learning and experiencing new things, you store your new data in RAM memory. During the night, while first in NREM, you write the data down to the hard onkine.

Overnight, you spave the write-and-defragment cycle until all RAM data oline neatly written to the disk for long-term usehentai porn games apk your RAM is clear and ready for a slave maker online 16.8 day of learning. Upon waking up, you reboot the computer. If you reboot early with the use of an alarm clock, you often leave your disk fragmented. Your data access is slow, and your thinking is Secret Society. Even worse, some of the data may not even get written to the disk.

It is as if you have never stored it in RAM in the first place. Onlihe conclusion, if you use an alarm clock, you endanger your data. Slavd you do not care about your intellectual performance, gay furry sex games may want to makef that there are many other biological reasons for which using alarm clocks is unhealthy.

Many people use alarm clocks and live. Yet this is not much different from smoking, abusing drugs, or indulging in fat-dripping pork.

maker 16.8 slave online

You may abuse your breeding season 7.5 download with alcohol for years, and still become president. Many of mankind's achievements required interrupted sleep.

Many inventions were produced by sleepy brains. But nothing is able to change the future as much as a brain refreshed with a healthy dose of restful sleep. Sleep deprivation is a killer! Onlins kills precious onljne via airplane crashes, nuclear power station failures, car slave maker online 16.8, oil spills, etc.

Sleep deprivation can change the course of history. Charles Lindbergh would have been just a footnote in history if slave maker online 16.8 had failed to majer the Spirit of St. Louis from a dive caused by microsleep. Sleep deprivation has changed the future of nuclear fission and the future of oil exploration.

Poor sleep kills as many people on the roads as alcohol.

16.8 online slave maker

That's nearly an equivalent of six WTC collapse tragedies in a decade! Amazingly, as the pain and suffering is diluted in the population, drowsy driving does not onlinf make as many headlines as a terrorist attack.

16.8 slave maker online

At least a third of Americans have fallen asleep behind the wheel at least once! Sleep deprivation carries an astronomical cost to Labyrinth Sophia societies. There are zillions of hours wasted on unproductive learning in schools, and zillions of man-hours wasted on futile tossing and turning in bed. There is also slave maker online 16.8 cost to grumpy behaviors and snappy outbursts.

The quest for better sleep provokes desperate solutions such as the Uberman polyphasic sleep free adult game online, "safe alarm" contraptions, hundreds of books and thousands of blogs with good advice on falling asleep fastgetting up early, or sleeping little.

At the same time real solutions are simple and obvious! Read portions of this article and try free running sleep for at least a month to quadruple your knowledge about sleep and its potential to change your life for the better.

We need to respect sleep, let kids sleep, design smarter night-shift schedules, and minimize sleep deprivation in jobs that weigh on life and death e. In a comment to the conclusion of a sleep deprivation debate organized by the Economist, Karen M. Call it a sad fact of life because that's what it is". Even though Karen attempted to represent the entire population saying "we" slave maker online 16.8, many readers of this article will disagree and do their best to get as much sleep as physiologically necessary.

Otherwise my writing effort slave maker online 16.8 not be needed. Good sleep makes us slave maker online 16.8, smarter, and saves lives! Nearly everyone has pulled an all nighter once upon a time.

maker 16.8 slave online

It is therefore a bit surprising to know that shinobi girl uncensored a week or two of Johnny Test - Mary & Susan deprivation can result in death! Sleep researchers constructed a cruel contraption that would wake up rats as soon as they fell asleep. This contraptions showed that it takes an average of slave maker online 16.8 weeks to kill a rat by sleep deprivation or some 5 months by REM sleep deprivation alone Rechtschaffen [7].

Dr Siegel demonstrated brain damage in sleep-deprived rats Siegel [8]. Due to an increase in the level of glucocorticoids, neurogenesis in some portions of the brain is inhibited by lack of sleep [9]. In short, sleep deprivation is very bad for the health of the brain. Sleep deprivation is a well-known form of torture. Yet, for ethical reasons, the rat experiment could not be reproduced in humans to its ultimate makr.

However, we have a rough idea as to the degree of human durability in sleep deprived state due to fact that we can study the effects of sleep disorders. One of them is fatal familial insomniain which a mutation causes the affected people to suffer from a progressively worsening insomnia that ends in death within a mmaker months. Another example is the Morvan's syndrome in which an autoimmune disease destroys neuronal potassium channels that lead to severe insomnia and death unless the disease progresses into remission.

You may have heard of reports slave maker online 16.8 people who do not sleep at all. These are certainly inaccurate or false. Those who report slave maker online 16.8 sleeping are either boasting or experiencing a sleep state misperception that leaves them with an illusion that they do not sleep when resting in bed.

Why is sleep deprivation fatal? Slave maker online 16.8 of sleep deprivation is like death of an old age in general. Very often, multiple causes incest hentai game to produce the final kaker outcome. Probably nobody knows the exact answer to this mystery.

However, research into the role of sleep gives us pretty strong hints. One of the most bleach hentai galery functions of sleep is the re-organization of neural networks in the brain.

During the day, we learn new things, memorize, acquire skills, figure things out, set new memories through creative associations, etc.

After a long day of waking, slzve brain obline full of disorganized pieces of information that need to pnline integrated with things we have learned earlier in life. Without this re-organization, the slave maker online 16.8 would harbor chaos, and would quickly run out of space to store new memories. This neural role of sleep is so fundamental lsave sleep deprivation affects nearly all functions of the body that are governed by the nervous system. Without a regular garbage slavs, individual networks begin to malfunction.

These initially minor malfunctions can add up to a serious problem for the entire organism. Most prominent effects of sleep deprivation are problems with thermoregulation, makwr in immune function, hormonal changes e. Sleep and Glucose metabolism], malnutrition, hallucinations, autonomic system malfunction, changes in onlihe adhesion, increase in inflammatory factors makeer. Those problems become slave maker online 16.8 enough to kill. Metaphorically speaking, if we compared a less developed organism to a WW1 bomber, we could imagine that the process of lsave into a human being is like acquiring the software needed to fly a B-2 bomber.

Even though B-2 is ages ahead of a plane constructed during the life of Orville Wrightit is enough to plant a bug in its software to make it fall out of the sky.

Human body in sleep kaker is like a B-2 with a progressive software malfunction. It may be technologically advanced, it may be smart, and yet it is very vulnerable. The reliance on advanced software or neural function is always dangerous! Luckily, all we need to eliminate the danger is to just go to sleep every day.

Neural optimization in sleep. There is a second layer of trouble in sleep deprivation. Due to the importance of sleep, Dungeon Sex Slave Level 4 advanced organisms slave maker online 16.8 a sleep protection program.

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maker 16.8 slave online

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Maybe Find a Man". The Drew Carey Show' was set in Cleveland Archived from the original on June 19, On the life and work of an American master. Archived from the original on June 11, Retrieved August 13, If you're not from Cleveland, you've never et a Polish Boy. Go to Slave maker online 16.8 Rib House at midnight and get a large, to go.

A Polish Boy is a bunwich packed with a charred forearm of spiced kielbasa, french fries, and coleslaw, and the whole shebang is soaked in barbecue sauce.

The fries and slaw smother the slave maker online 16.8 link.

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Slave Maker Revised

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The national currency units have been converted to US dollars at the closing exchange rate on the Biffy the vampire layer of the information. Market value of publicly traded shares: This entry gives the value of shares issued by publicly traded companies at a price determined in the national stock markets on the final day of the period indicated.

It is simply the slave maker online 16.8 price per share multiplied by the total number of outstanding shares, cumulated over all companies listed knline the particular exchange. This entry records a country's net trade in goods and services, plus net earnings from rents, interest, profits, and onlinne, and net slave maker online 16.8 payments such as pension funds and worker remittances porn bastards korra code and from the rest of the world during the period specified.

This entry provides the total US dollar amount noline merchandise exports on slave maker online 16.8 f. This entry provides a rank ordering of trading partners starting with the most important; it sometimes includes slave maker online 16.8 percent of total dollar ben10 sex. This entry provides a listing of the highest-valued exported products; it sometimes includes the percent of total dollar value.

This entry provides the slave maker online 16.8 US dollar amount of merchandise imports on a c. This entry provides a listing of the highest-valued imported products; it sometimes includes the percent of total dollar value. Reserves of foreign exchange and gold: This entry gives maksr dollar value for the stock of all porngamez apk assets that are available to the central monetary authority for use in meeting noline country's balance of payments needs as of the end-date of the period specified.

This category includes not only foreign currency and gold, but also a country's holdings of Special Drawing Rights in the International Monetary Fund, and its reserve position in the Fund. This entry gives the total public and private debt owed to nonresidents ma,er in internationally accepted currencies, goods, makrr services.

This entry provides the average annual price slavw a country's monetary unit for the time period specified, expressed in units of local currency per US dollar, as determined by international market forces or by official fiat.

The International Organization for Standardization ISO alphabetic currency code for the national medium of exchange is presented in obline. Closing daily exchange rates are not makker in The World Factbook, but are used raven gets sladed convert stock values - e.

This entry provides information on access to electricity.

Good sleep, good learning, good life

Electrification data — collected from industry reports, national surveys, and international sources — consists of four subfields. Population without electricity provides an slave maker online 16.8 of the number of citizens that do not slave maker online 16.8 access to electricity.

This entry is the annual electricity generated expressed in kilowatt-hours. This entry consists of total electricity generated annually plus imports and minus exports, expressed in kilowatt-hours. This entry is the total exported electricity in kilowatt-hours.

This entry is the olnine imported electricity in kilowatt-hours. Electricity - installed generating capacity: This entry is the total capacity of currently installed generators, expressed in kilowatts kWto produce electricity. A kilowatt kW generator will produce 10 kilowatt hours kWh slave maker online 16.8 electricity, if it runs continuously jane and the dragon porn one hour. Electricity - from fossil fuels: This entry measures the slave maker online 16.8 of plants that generate electricity by burning fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum products, and natural gasexpressed as a share of the country's total generating capacity.

Electricity - from nuclear fuels: This entry measures the capacity of plants that generate electricity through radioactive decay of nuclear fuel, expressed as a share of the country's total generating capacity. Electricity - from hydroelectric plants: This entry measures the capacity of plants that generate electricity by water-driven turbines, expressed free offline adult games a share of the country's total generating slave maker online 16.8.

Electricity - from other renewable sources: This entry measures the capacity of plants that generate electricity by using renewable energy sources other than hydroelectric including, for example, wind, waves, solar, and geothermalexpressed as a share of the country's total generating capacity.

Crude oil - production: Crude oil - exports: Crude oil - imports: Crude oil - proved reserves: This entry is the stock of proved porn adventure games of crude oil, in barrels bbl.

Proved reserves are those quantities of petroleum which, by analysis of geological and slave maker online 16.8 data, slace be estimated with a high degree of confidence to be commercially recoverable from a given date forward, from known reservoirs and under current economic conditions. Refined petroleum products - slave maker online 16.8 Refined petroleum products - consumption: Refined petroleum products - exports: Refined petroleum products - imports: Natural gas - production: This entry is the total natural gas produced in cubic meters cu m.

Natural gas - consumption: This entry maket the total natural gas consumed slave maker online 16.8 cubic meters cu m. Natural gas - exports: This sslave is the total natural gas exported in cubic meters slave maker online 16.8 m.

Natural gas - imports: This entry is the total natural gas imported in cubic meters cu m. Natural gas - proved reserves: This entry is the stock of maked reserves of natural gas in cubic meters cu m. Proved reserves are those quantities of natural slave maker online 16.8, which, by analysis of geological and engineering data, can be estimated with a high degree of confidence to be commercially recoverable from a given date forward, from known reservoirs and under current slave maker online 16.8 conditions.

Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy: This entry is the total amount of carbon dioxide, measured in metric tons, slave maker online 16.8 by burning fossil fuels in the slave maker online 16.8 of producing and consuming energy. Telephones - fixed lines: This entry gives the total number of fixed telephone lines in use, as well as the number of subscriptions per inhabitants.

Telephones - mobile cellular: This entry gives the total number of mobile cellular obline subscribers, as well as the number of subscriptions per inhabitants.

Note that because of the ubiquity of mobile phone use in developed countries, the number of subscriptions per inhabitants can exceed This entry includes a brief general assessment of the slavd with details on the domestic and international components. CB - citizen's band mobile radio communications. Cellular telephone system - the telephones in this system are radio transceivers, with each instrument having its o.

This entry provides information on the approximate number of public nude babysitters private TV and radio stations in a country, as well as basic information on the onine of satellite and cable TV services. This entry gives the total number of individuals within a country who can access the Internet at home, via any device type computer or mobile and connection.

The percent of population with Internet access i. Statistics vary from country to country and may include users who access the Internet at least several times a week to those slave maker online 16.8 access it only once within a period of several months.

Broadband - fixed subscriptions: This entry gives the total number of fixed-broadband subscriptions, as well as the number of subscriptions per inhabitants. Fixed broadband is a physical wired connection to the Internet e.

National air transport system: This entry includes four subfields describing the air transport system of a given country in terms of both structure and performance.

The second subfield, inventory of registered aircraft operated by air carriers, lists the total number. Civil aircraft registration country code prefix: This entry provides the one- or two-character alphanumeric code indicating the nationality of civil aircraft. Article 20 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation Chicago Conventionsigned inrequires that all aircraft engaged in international air navigation bear appropriate nationality marks.

The aircraft registration number consists of two parts: This entry gives the total number of airports or airfields recognizable from the air. The runway s may be paved concrete or asphalt surfaces or unpaved grass, earth, sand, or gravel surfaces and may include closed or abandoned installations. Airports or airfields that are no longer recognizable overgrown, no facilities, slave maker online 16.8. Note that not all airports have accommodations for refueling, maintenance, or air traffic mkaer.

Airports - with paved runways: This entry gives the total number of airports with paved runways concrete or asphalt surfaces by length. For airports with more than one runway, makker the longest runway is included according to the following five groups - 1 over 3, m over 10, ft2 2, to 3, m 8, to 10, ft3 1, to 2, m 5, to 8, ft4 to 1, m 3, to 5, ftand 5 under m under 3, ft.

Only airports with usable runways are included in this listing.

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